Our Story

Not your traditional venture capital firm…

About Red Beard Ventures

Red Beard Ventures has developed an ecosystem of platforms, investment vehicles, Web3 properties, DAOs, and influencer relationships, to ultimately further the adoption of Crypto and Web3 platforms. 

The Red Beard Ventures Syndicate has established our brand as a major investment player in the web3 ecosystem over the past 18 months. With investments in over 100 companies, deploying $40m in capital, and a growing network of over 3,000 strategic LPs, the RBV brand and ecosystem is rapidly expanding.

RBV Fund I is only a few months old, and due to our syndicate, we have the portfolio, advisory/diligence network, and brand cache of an established fund of many years. The ability to facilitate partnerships across the fund and syndicate portfolio companies has already produced value in a number of instances.

The combination of RBV Fund I and the RBV Syndicate as investment platforms enables Red Beard Ventures to offer unique benefits to both our LPs and portfolio founders. For portfolio founders, we can invest across all stages building long-lasting investment relationships with the companies. In addition, because we offer opportunities to our syndicate to participate alongside the fund, we can write bigger checks beyond the constraints of our fund. For LPs, the syndicate provides opportunities at later stage deals, co-investment opportunities to double down on deals, and exposure to other frontier technology sectors outside of Web3.

Red Beard Ventures is not a traditional venture capital firm. As the Web3 space develops a group of investors will gain dominance. The common factor across all of these firms will be their ability to not only act as a source of capital, but function as a multifaceted brand and participating partner in the ecosystems the companies are developing, often powered by their token assets. RBV’s ecosystem positions us to secure allocations in competitive rounds, create relationships with thought leaders, and support portfolio companies in a differentiated way.