Red Beard Ventures Fund

Investing in the Future of A Decentralized World

Our Mission Is to Drive Mass Adoption of Crypto and Web3

We look for companies with strong tokenomic and utility design







Investment Approach

$500k Avg. Check Size

2 Deals Per Month

Tokens & Equity

Pre-seed to Series A

Why Founders Choose Us

Instant Web3 Native Users

  • AngelList Syndicate – 3,000+ Accredited LPs
  • Knights of Degen – 25,000+ NFT Community
  • Active DAO Participation – Founded MetaCollective DAO, Warick DAO, Upstream DAO

Huge Portfolio Ecosystem Opportunities

  • 100 + Venture Portfolio Investments in Frontier Technology Companies
  • Access to a distributed network of companies that open doors to partnerships, customers, and community

Highly Active and Experienced Web3 Investors

  • RBV offers various opportunities to directly partner with portfolio companies through the various DAOs and NFT projects we are involved in. We are active collectors of digital assets. We are thought leaders and have an engaged following.

We are an experienced tokenomics team

  • RBV has demonstrated the network and experience to advise token strategies and connect founders with the right talent to execute.