RedBeard X Concept Art House Red Beard X Dapper RedBeard X Genies Red Beard X Super Rare RedBeard X The Sandbox
RedBeard X Concept Art House Red Beard X Dapper RedBeard X Genies Red Beard X Super Rare RedBeard X The Sandbox

3Box Labs

3Box Labs is the creator of the ceramic network, the first decentralized network for compostable data.

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Agoric allows you to build with a composable DeFi toolbox to rapidly deploy on-chain and into a thriving economy, all in JavaScript.

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AKKO is changing the game by providing reliable and affordable consumer product insurance that’s simple and all-inclusive

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Alethea Ai

Alethea AI is a protocol to create, share and monetize Synthetic Media (AI-generated or modified media).

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Alexandria Labs

Alexandria Labs is a Web3 book publishing and creator platform

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Red Beard X Alto


AltoIRA is a self-directed IRA where user can invest their retirement money in alternative assets – startups, crypto, and more.

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Angel List

Start or invest in venture capital funds and syndicates.

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Atlas Reality

Atlas Reality is building a Metaverse that exists on top of the real world.

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Atmos Labs

Atmos is an expansive, play-and-earn ecosystem with deep economics, rich history, and heart-pounding gameplay.

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Aunt Flow

Aunt Flow stocks 100% organic cotton menstrual products in business and school bathrooms.

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Auroboros is a digital and physical luxury fashion brand.

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Azarus X RedBeard


Azarus allows users to play their favorite games, watch your favorite creators, show your skills and earn rewards.

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RedBeard X AZTE


Azteco is the easiest way to buy bitcoin using FIAT in physical stores.

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Azuro is decentralized Web3 betting for multiple front-ends via vivid liquidity pools, odds imported via oracles, & NFTs powering secondary markets.

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RedBeard X BrandSpace


Basic Space provides a new shopping experience delivering curated fashion, vintage apparel, streetwear, & more by social influencers, designers, and artists.

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Blockade Games

Blockade Games is a leading blockchain video game development studio. Using industry expertise, they are developing blockchain layer two infrastructure and gaming applications.

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RedBeard X Calaxy


Calaxy is the open social marketplace designed & built by Creators for Creators.

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Clean Crop Tech

CCT is deploying sustainable technology solutions to help feed the world without burning it down.

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Crypto financial infrastructure for the African region.

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RedBeard X Concept Art House

Concept Art House

Concept Art House is a leading NFT and P2E gaming studio.

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CyrptoSlam is an NFT industry data aggregator backed by Mark Cuban. Features project analytics, NFT values, rarity, scarcity, most popular collections, activity history & more.

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Red Beard X Dapper

Dapper Labs

Dapper Labs uses the power of play to deliver blockchain-based experiences that are made for you and ready for the real world. Creators of NBA TopShop, Crypto Kitties, the Flow Blockchain, and others.

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DeepWaters is a decentralized exchange that matches coincidences of wants, increases capital efficiency, and reduces fees.

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DFNS is keyless crypto custody as a service.

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DNABLOCK is the bridge to Web3 and the Metaverse. We have developed a platform to enable and amplify brands, creatives, and their communities’ storytelling abilities through 3D animated content and real-time virtual worlds.

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Due Dilly

Due Dilly is a sports card NFT marketplace that offers real-time pricing data, market value, assessment, and seller information details.

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Emerge is bringing bare hand touch and emotion to virtual experiences.

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Epic Kitchens

Epic Kitchens is a tech-driven ghost kitchen that allows users to curate their meals from your favorite brands with the touch of a button.

Fan Controlled Football

FCF is a decentralized fan governed professional football league.

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Red Beard X Float Financial

Float Financial

Float Financial is a trade funding partner. Float partners with brands and suppliers (ecommerce, wholesale, retail, government and more) on their inventory or purchase orders, providing the capital needed to supply their demand.

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Flowty is a peer-to-peer (P2P) marketplace that enables borrowers to access liquidity using Flow-based NFTs as collateral and lenders to generate interest.

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FungyProof is a new way to grade, enrich, and display NFTs.

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Onchain identity and credentialing protocol.

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Gather is a platform that allows publishers to monetize without ads and provides businesses & developers access to cheap and reliable processing power.

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RedBeard X Genies


Genies consumer app allow users to create fully personalized avatars to be used in apps such as Giphy, iMessage, and Instagram.

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GigLabs is the platform for brands and creators to launch incredible NFT projects. Built on the Flow blockchain.

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Gilded is the only platform to unify your fiat and crypto back office operations by automating business payments and accounting workflows.

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Glow Labs

Glow Labs is a no-code loyalty rewards program built on the blockchain.

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RedBeard X Green Park

Green Park Sports

GreenPark Sports creates digital experiences and games for the new generation of sports and esports fans.

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RedBeard X Hermes

Hermes Robotics

Hermes Robotics provides autonomous street sweeping as a service by retro-fitting vehicles.

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By taking a mobile-first and NFT-native approach, HeroMaker appeals to the broadest worldwide audience, delivering stories with the least friction possible, sharing them across Film, TV, NFTs, gaming, toys, consumer products, and in the Metaverse.

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RedBeard X Holler


Holler is the easiest way to express yourself in messaging. Holler provides fun, expressive content for DMs, messages, camera apps, and posts.

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Humane Genomics

Humane Genomics is an artificial virus platform that designs and builds therapeutics with unprecedented selectivity and efficiency over traditional treatment.

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Defi Mastercard and multi-chain payment protocol.

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Indoor Robotics

Indoor Robotics combines the advantages of innovative technology and human mobility to provide AI operated security system of the highest standard.

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iRocket is building the first fully autonomous, and fully reusable small launch vehicle for affordable access to space.

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Layer3 allows users to start earning crypto by doing things like making memes, tweeting, creating tutorials, and more.

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Lemonade Social

Lemonade Social’s Web3 community events platform is empowering both creators and brands to build communities at scale by allowing the users to host token gated virtual and IRL experiences.

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RedBeard X Lentable


Solving retirement for the masses

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LimeWire is relaunching as a digital collectibles marketplace for art and entertainment, initially focused on music.

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RedBeard X LVL


LVL V2 is designed to provide a truly hybridized banking experience for both fiat and Bitcoin.

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Macroverse is bringing comics and webtoons to web3. Marcoverse’s unique TapStory format delivers comics stories that feel completely native on your phone.

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MetaMundo is the 3D NFT Marketplace for Building the Metaverse.

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RedBeard X Moneymade


MoneyMade connects customers with personalized investments in real estate, crypto, art and beyond.

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RedBeard X Nameless


Nameless is the easiest way to create, manage & sell NFTs, without any technical knowledge of blockchain or non-fungible tokens.

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NeuPeak is making the future of strawberry farming more sustainable through harvesting robotics.

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RedBeard X Noah


Noah gives users access to their home equity funds and allows them to reach their financial goals: a home equity sharing company with no interest and no monthly payments.

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RedBeard X Oasis


Oasis provides AI video avatars for cross platform use.

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Offbeat creates compelling, future-thinking media loved by the digital generation.

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One of None

One of None uses blockchain technology to launch limited-edition hybrid assets and lets collectors exchange between the physical and digital versions of their product.

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Oobit provides a platform for event-based cloud gaming.

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RedBeard X Opolis


Opolis helps entrepreneurs obtain affordable benefits for themselves and their families.

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Paradromics is creating a future where direct data interfaces with the brain unlock technology solutions to unmet medical challenges.

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Parcel is a payment OS for the contributor economy.

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POAP provides the bookmarks of your life.

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Popchew creates the next generation of fun food brands and experiences.

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RedBeard X Reactive Streaming

Reactive Streaming

Infrastructure that enables live streaming at scale

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Red Beard X RoboTire


Robotire provides an automated tire changing system.

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RedBeard x Roll


The Roll network mints branded social money unique to users online presence, allowing users to own, control and coordinate value users create across platforms.

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Round21 partners with a multi-cultural roster of artists to design high quality sports products and NFTs.

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Seasats builds, deploys, and sells autonomous boats for data collection and other maritime missions.

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Redbeard x Stardust


Stardust is infastructure for decentralizing games in the Metaverse.

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Stationhead transforms the traditional radio model. Any host can stream a radio show, feature 45M+ songs and create an engaging audio experience with their fans.

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The STUDIO Console turns any existing television into a smarter home gym.


Sudrania.com offers Fund Administration, Fund Accounting, Investor Services, Taxation Services, Regulatory Filings and Financial Statements.

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Super Mojo

Embedded NFT lending- finance & borrow against NFTs.

Red Beard X Super Rare


SuperRare is the digital art market on Ethereum. Each artwork is authentically created by an artist in the network, and tokenized as a collectible digital item that users can own, display and trade.

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RedBeard X Superworld


Super World is a virtual world mapped on top of the real world to create, discover and monetize content.

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Swoops is a blockchain and NFT-powered strategy basketball game upgrading a historically passive fan experience into an active one.

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Tailos (formerly Maidbot) revolutionizes the commercial cleaning industry by leaving dull, dirty, and dangerous tasks to autonomous solutions, allowing humans to focus on more meaningful and enjoyable work.

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RedBeard X Teleportal


Teleportal is a spatial computing company building 3D creator tools and dynamic object technology.

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RedBeard X Terran

Terran Biosciences

Terran Biosciences is developing psilocybin therapeutics and technologies to change the lives of patients with neurological and psychiatric diseases.

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That App

That App is creating solutions for NFT portfolio management.

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RedBeard X The Sandbox

The Sandbox

The Sandbox is an Ethereum-based gaming platform and Metaverse.

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Tilt Five

Tilt Five bring users games to holographic life, 3D desktop gaming.

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Unstoppable Domains

Unstoppable Domains allows users to turn all their complex addresses into one easily readable name. Send, receive, and store hundreds of cryptocurrencies and NFTs with one simple domain.

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Uplandme allows users to buy, sell, and trade virtual property mapped on real-world addresses based on blockchain.

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Upstream is the easiest way to start a DAO. Upstream Collectives make it simple to launch a DAO with its no-code, full-stack platform. No technical experience required to set up a blockchain community.

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RedBeard X Venus Aerospace

Venus Aerospace

Venus Aerospace is building the future of hypersonic transportation.

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RedBeard X Veremark


Veremark is a leading online background checking platform that is scalable, secure and fast. Featured Checks – Criminal Record Check, Reference Check, and Employment Check.

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View Labs

View Labs is digital visualization tools for built and virtual spaces. View Labs brings businesses to life with our cutting-edge video and robot technology for collaboration, touring, e-commerce and more.

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WAGMI United

Wagmi is crypto’s road to the premier league.

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Wilder World

Wilder World is an immersive 5D Metaverse built on Ethereum.

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Zed Run

ZED is a provably fair digital horse racing game built on blockchain technology.

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